UCL School of Management

18 July 2023

ATLAS SkillTech University students empowered by inspiring visit to UCL SoM

UCL School of Management recently welcomed a group of students from ATLAS SkillTech University, to learn more about the UCL School of Management and experience the vibrancy of a leading global university in the heart of London as a part of their global immersion programme. 

Led by Professor Simon Hulme and Professor Paolo Taticchi, the students were truly inspired and left the sessions feeling motivated to pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations with UCL SoM being the first choice for many of them.

ATLAS SkillTech University expressed their gratitude to UCL School of Management for the visit. The collaboration between UCL and ATLAS SkillTech University serves as a testament to the mutual commitment to academic excellence and fostering future leaders in entrepreneurship and global business. ATLAS alumnus, Nidhish Kakad is testament to this as a current MSc Entrepreneurship student thriving on the programme. The visit undoubtedly left a lasting impact on the students, empowering them with the knowledge and inspiration needed to excel in their chosen fields.

Recently published on the ATLAS website, the team said:

“The ATLAS SkillTech University students’ visit to UCL Canary Wharf Campus was truly an inspiring journey of entrepreneurship and global business mind-set. Through engaging presentations by Professor Simon Hulme and Professor Paulo, the students learned about UCL’s legacy of inclusivity, the exceptional MSC Entrepreneurship program, the importance of developing a global business mind-set and drew inspiration from success stories within the UCL entrepreneurial ecosystem. This immersive experience undoubtedly left the students motivated and equipped with valuable insights that will help shape their entrepreneurial journeys in the future.”

UCL looks forward to future engagements with ATLAS SkillTech University and continues to prioritise providing exceptional educational opportunities to students worldwide.

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Last updated Tuesday, 18 July 2023