UCL School of Management

1 March 2024

Associate Professor Simon Hulme organises mixer for visiting US students

Earlier this month, UCL School of Management Associate Professor and MSc Entrepreneurship Programme Director Simon Hulme organised a mixer event with undergraduate UCL students based in Bloomsbury and 25 visiting students from the University of North Carolina. Held on Level 50 of One Canada Square, the event provided excellent opportunities for students of all disciplines to network and connect.

The mixer involved a fun 90-minute exercise in which students became groups of 5 to look to the future and provide predictions on a market sector of their choice. They were asked to identify the opportunities and threats facing that particular industry, and present their ideas to the group for discussion.

The visiting students study a range of undergraduate programmes, from English and History to Computer Science, but are all studying the Econ 327 module, ‘London Loves Innovation and Entrepreneurship’ at the University of South Carolina. The class meets once a week and explores different aspects of London’s startup and entrepreneurship ecosystems.

Last updated Friday, 1 March 2024