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24 October 2023

Angela Aristidou named Digital Fellow at Stanford University's DEL

Headshot of Angela Aristidou

Assistant Professor in Strategy & Entrepreneurship, Angela Aristidou has been appointed as a Digital Fellow at the Digital Economy Lab of the Human-centred Artificial Intelligence centre at Stanford University. Angela will bring her expert knowledge and wealth of experience in the study of digital technologies and applications in health and medical care.

The Digital Economy Lab (DEL) at Standford’s Institute for Human-centred AI Centre is conducting research on the impact of the digital economy to advance the collective understanding so that, policymakers, students, and professionals can navigate the challenges and opportunities created by the digital economy.

When asked what this prestigious appointment means to her, Angela said:

“The appointment comes at the perfect time for my ongoing research programme. DEL’s Director Erik Brynjolfsson, has cultivated a thriving multi-disciplinary research community that inspires dialogue and collaborations across academia, industry, and policy. DEL thus offers an ideal platform to leverage the findings from my research programme into helping companies, policymakers, and professionals respond to the challenges and opportunities of AI-driven, digital technology deployments in healthcare space. As a researcher who is deeply committed to generating impact in the real world and through policy, I am deeply honoured to have been offered the opportunity to amplify my work’s impact.”

Angela is currently leading an interdisciplinary research team of postdoctoral and doctoral researchers to examine digital technologies and applications in health and medical care. This is a cross-country research programme (USA, UK, Canada and China), funded by a UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship.

Angela’s projects adopt an ecosystem approach, including the viewpoints of (and real-world data from) hospitals, healthcare professionals and managers, professional medical associations, technology and pharma companies, patient- and patient advocacy networks, non-profit and community associations and healthcare-related unions. Angela explains that, “in this way, we are at the research frontier of developing real-world evidence on how multiple stakeholders across sectors (public, private and third) come together to manage, or regulate, the deployment of the new digital technologies in (national) healthcare systems and health services.”

In this role, Angela will leverage her expertise and provide a global perspective that complement and align with other DEL and HAI initiatives. This contribution will facilitate the creation of new networks, partnerships in academia and industry, and discussions around policy. Moreover, Angela will maintain her leadership in the UKRI FLF programme, all while actively engaging with Stanford’s faculty and students and participating in research, policy and industry engagement activities.

Learn more about Angela Aristidou’s research and the The Digital Economy Lab (DEL) at Sandford’s Human- centred AI Centre.

Last updated Thursday, 21 December 2023