UCL School of Management

22 March 2024

ADD-TREES Project Between UCL SoM and UoE Showcases Net Zero Solutions at AI UK

The ADD-TREES project is a UKRI-funded innovative research collaboration between UCL School of Management Lecturer Dr. Deyu Ming, the UCL Department of Mathematics and researchers from the University of Exeter Business School that has made significant advancements in addressing Net Zero challenges. At its recent exhibition at AI UK, hosted by the Alan Turing Institute, the project demonstrated state-of-the-art AI techniques that empower policymakers with the tools needed to make more informed tree-planting decisions to achieve Net Zero.

Dr. Deyu Ming and UCL School of Management Research Fellow Dr. Mingda Yuan, along with fellow researchers from the ADD-TREES team, showcased their project, “Tree-planting for Net Zero: Bespoke Digital Twins,” at AI UK, the UK’s national showcase of data science and AI. The exhibit is one of the few selected by AI UK to highlight real-world applications of AI in environment and sustainability.

AI UK provides an exceptional platform for the ADD-TREES team to share their work with a broad audience, including industrial partners, public sectors, researchers, and policymakers. The team showcased their cutting-edge AI solutions for the automatic generation and real-time updating of fast, bespoke digital twins. Additionally, they featured the Elicitor App, a decision-support tool designed to assist policymakers in making strategic tree-planting and land-use decisions at the field parcel level. The Elicitor App enables users to quickly navigate decision space to find options that meet their own environmental targets and constraints effectively and efficiently.

The exhibit was well received, with an engaged and responsive audience. Attending the exhibit, UCL School of Management Director Davide Ravasi stated, “It was truly inspiring to witness firsthand the ADD-TREES project’s exhibition at AI UK. The exhibit showcases the collaborative research between our School and the University of Exeter Business School in addressing pressing environmental challenges. It not only demonstrates how we could utilise AI to combat climate change but also highlights to the public our school’s commitment to sustainability. I am confident that the insights and connections fostered at AI UK will push the project to new heights, exemplifying how technology and interdisciplinary collaboration are essential for paving the way towards a more sustainable future.”

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Last updated Friday, 22 March 2024