UCL School of Management

Bringing the Outdoors into the Workplace: The Effects of Nature on employees


Thursday, 13 April 2023
13:00 – 13:45

Stemming from his research on resignations, Anthony is known for predicting a major pandemic-related labour shift and coining it the “Great Resignation” which has been supported by record numbers of resignations in the US and at a global scale. Anthony’s other primary research focus is biophilic design and the importance of nature in the workplace for employee wellbeing, motivation, creativity and more. Whilst some organisations have begun designing workplaces to incorporate nature to tap into these benefits both at an individual and organisational level, for a large number of workers they often spend the majority of their workday inside, separated from nature.

In this session Anthony will discuss the benefits of biophilic design and suggest alternatives to incorporating nature directly into the workplace for example if it isn’t feasible in particular workplace settings. He suggests things such as providing good outdoor spaces for work breaks and even encouraging employees to get outside in the evenings.

He shares insights into the companies that are actively embracing this idea, many of which are engineering and tech focused organisations and highlights how manufacturers have also adapted embedding nature into the workplace to suit their workspace.

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