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Ivan Tan | 8 June 2023

Studying MSc Management from a Non-Business Background

At UCL School of Management, we are proud to have a truly diverse cohort of students from 150+ countries and various educational backgrounds. We welcome graduates from psychology, maths, languages, history, journalism, and design - we encourage applications from all graduates. This diversity shapes our vibrant community. Hear from MSc Management student Ivan Tan on transitioning to the program from a non-business background. ‚Äč

You are not alone - and if you are stuck just ask

Are you considering pursuing an MSc in Management, but feel intimidated by the prospect of doing so without a business background? Fear not! Pursuing an MSc in Management with no previous business experience is a great opportunity to challenge yourself and broaden your knowledge. If I and many others can do it, you can too!

Initially, you might feel overwhelmed and lost during your first few classes. You may feel like you are the only one who doesn’t understand accounting or other business concepts but rest assured that you are not alone. After talking to people about their first-day experience, I can guarantee that there are many others who also felt lost at the start and did not know what to do. Concepts like financial statements or operations can take a few lecturers to get a hang of. However, with some time and effort, you will start to feel much more comfortable with the material. 

Review content as you go and solidify your knowledge

Apart from the first few lessons, you should also expect some challenges along the way. This is where reviewing the lecture material and following the reading guidance can make a big difference. I found that whenever I struggled to follow the concepts, I simply went and rewatched the lecture at my own pace and I would be able to get myself up to speed. This does mean sacrificing some time, but it is well worth it in the long run instead of cramming everything last minute. 

If there are still concepts that you don’t understand, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Your lecturers and classmates are there to support you. In my experience, there were times when I struggled with balancing my balance sheet especially after more concepts were introduced. Even after putting in the time and effort to review the material, I still did not understand. Nevertheless, I found that reaching out to my classmates who had a better understanding of the concepts was helpful as they could describe it to me from the perspective of a student who just learned the topic.

In conclusion, while pursuing an MSc in Management with no previous business background can feel challenging at times, the overall experience is definitely worth it! You will gain valuable knowledge that is unrelated to your undergraduate degree, and you will walk away from the program with a broader skill set. Don’t let fear hold you back from pursuing your goals. Put in the time and effort, ask for help when needed, and you’ll be on your way to mastering the world of business in no time!

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Last updated Friday, 9 June 2023