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Statistics and Management for Business BSc

As a joint study programme (JSP) student on the SAMB programme, you will normally take a minimum of 30% of your degree with us. This means you will normally take 3 management modules in each year of study. 

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To view information about the modules on this programme, enter the module code (eg MSIN0048) in UCL’s Online Module Catalogue.

Year 1

Term 1 Term 2
MSIN0048 Understanding Management (core module) MSIN0003 Communication & Behaviour in Organisations (core module)

MSIN0006 Information Management for Business Intelligence (core module)


Year 2

Term 1 Term 2
MSIN0004 Accounting for Business (core module)  
  MSIN0049 Competitive Strategy (core module)

Choose a minimum of one and a maximum of three from the following modules:

MSIN0051 Business in the Digital Age Term 2

MSIN0052 Law for Managers Term 2

MSIN0053 Mastering Entrepreneurship Term 1

MSIN0059 Managerial Accounting for Decision Making Term 2

MSIN0144 Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice Term 2

Year 3

Term 1 Term 2
MSIN0147 Strategic Project Management (core module) – term 1 or term 2  

Choose a minimum of one and a maximum of four from the School of Management Elective Portfolio. To discuss eligibility and availability of Elective modules, please email Fiona at f.narraway@ucl.ac.uk.

Attendance at all lectures and seminars is compulsory.


Students must submit all required assessment components, including ALL coursework and examinations.


Elective and Affiliate Administrator: Fiona Narraway (f.narraway@ucl.ac.uk)

School Tutor: Michelle Tinsley (m.tinsley@ucl.ac.uk)

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You should contact staff by email.

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