UCL School of Management

Vyacheslav Lukin

Teaching Assistant


Vyacheslav is a Global Talent according to the Tech Nation endorsement. Since 2006, after getting his Engineering degree, he has been involved in the microelectronics and telecommunication industries working on the development of novel systems and projects. In 2011 he was responsible for the installation, configuration and commercial “switchover” of HSS (a.k.a. HLR) equipment during the nationwide project launch of the first 4G network in Syberia, Russia. Later in 2016, Vyacheslav acquired his Master’s degree in Software engineering at Innopolis University and started his path as a technological entrepreneur. In the last 6 years, he has founded several startups, some of them failed, and some didn’t, but all gave him priceless experience in building innovative, complex and impactful startups, building and leading a team from 2 to 15 people and managing several ongoing infrastructure projects with delivering AI-based software.From 2019 to 2023, Vyacheslav was a Teaching Assistant at Innopolis University in the Masters of Software engineering programme. He was awarded Alumni Award 2022 in the Industry leader nomination. Currently, Vyacheslav is running a startup Edge Vision (https://edgevision.pro) that is aimed to change how transport flows through the city and provide real-time data for road authorities to make data-driven decisions.