UCL School of Management

Jeffrey Pittaway

Associate Professor (Education)


Dr Pittaway is a senior teaching fellow at UCL School of Management. His areas of expertise concern platform ecosystems, especially the nature of governance, business model innovation, and the disruptive role of digital technologies. Contexts for his research to date include biotech, digital cities, multinationals, and healthcare. His 2012 article on sharing best practices across organisational boundaries was recently identified as a top 10 cited article for the Journal of Strategic Information Systems. Jeffrey also draws upon twenty years of industry experience in digital start-ups and multinationals such as Microsoft and GE to engage with practitioners and students and to co-manage multidisciplinary research teams. He has been a leader in industry associations and academic conferences. He is also called upon to advise business leaders of commonwealth nations and policymakers of the EU on the implications of the digital economy for practice and policy issues.