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Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistants (TAs) will supplement academic lectures through the delivery of small group teaching and associated duties for students taking modules in the School of Management. Associated duties may include marking of coursework and exams and/or dissertation supervision.

The post holder will report to the leader of the module/s they are supporting and the appointment will be available from 24 September 2018 to 30 June 2019.

A TA may be involved in one or more of the following activities:

•           Teaching assistance through the facilitation of seminars and/or workshops

•           Class preparation and meeting with lecturers/module organisers

•           After-class contact time with students, including time-tabled office hours

•           Coursework and/or examination marking. This may include marking for modules not taught on by a TA. Marking duties include attendance at co-ordination meetings as required and are paid at direct rates depending on type and length of scripts marked.

•           Dissertation supervision at undergraduate and/or postgraduate level(s)

It is anticipated that a significant number of TAs will be involved in both teaching and marking. There will, however, be some opportunities for duties involving teaching only, and/or marking only and/or dissertation supervision only. The department will make every effort to match the allocation of teaching and/or other duties to an individual’s experience, and to take account of any preferences regarding individual modules and specific duties stated at the time of application. Once appointed, TAs will be expected to show reasonable flexibility in accepting the class teaching they are allocated. Also, since the number of students on some modules is not known until after the start of term, the department reserves the right to make last-minute adjustments to teaching loads or timetables, and marking and other duties.

Teaching Assistants required in the following groups;

Teaching Assistant in Management Science, - Ref:1727071

Teaching Assistant in Finance, Accounting and Economics, - Ref: 1726666

Teaching Assistant in Data Analytics & Mathematical Foundations of Management – Ref: 1726690

Teaching Assistant in IT Project Management - Ref: 1726705

Teaching Assistant in Management, - Ref: 1645166

Teaching Assistant Marketing & Analytics – Ref: 1726729

Teaching Assistant in Operations & Technology – Ref: 1726756

Teaching Assistant in Organisation & Innovation – Ref: 1726758

Teaching Assistant in Strategy & Entrepreneurship, - Ref:1726760 

Teaching Assistant in Software Engineering, - Ref:1726918

Teaching Assistant in Strategic Project Management, - Ref:1727130

Teaching Assistant in Behavioural Science, - Ref:1727141

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