UCL School of Management

The UCL MBA Career and leadership & personal development coaching

Every UCL MBA student is offered free executive coaching services – an invaluable resource for any professional seeking a career advancement or transition.

Our career coaches provide personal and professional support, helping proactively plan students’ future careers, developing a better work/life balance and discovering a personal work style.

Students are offered two coaching options – Career or Leadership & Personal Growth – and are encouraged to utilise both. Coaching is a complimentary benefit during an MBA student’s time at UCL, and both options offer skills crucial to leading a well-rounded, successful life.


“My [UCL MBA] career coach, Eugene, was a thread throughout the entire process of developing my own company. He gave honest feedback and guidance, as well as accountability.”

Wren Loucks
UCL MBA student,
CEO and Founder of Be-kin

Career coaching

The Career Coaching programme extends support for students seeking a career transition, by offering unbiased, objective feedback tailored to specific career goals. Students develop a keen sense for recognising new opportunities, as well as a fresh perspective on attaining career success through outcomes such as:

  • increased clarity and self-awareness
  • powerful progress toward career goals
  • a career fit that aligns with your personality, values, strengths and interests
  • Improved networking, interviewing, presenting and negotiating skills
  • proactive techniques in developing effective career planning, development and management strategies
  • a better work/life balance.

Leadership & personal growth coaching

Executive coaches help students develop a solid sense of identity, purpose, motivation, resourcefulness and goal-setting strategies. While beneficial to all professionals, Leadership & Personal Growth Coaching is of particular use to those in leadership roles or those who simply want to gain clearer insight into their own motivations and complexities. Students utilising this coaching area often develop:

  • a better understanding of identity and emotional intelligence
  • an empowering belief system and corresponding leadership skills
  • improved management of mindset, attitudes and behaviours
  • the capability of implementing healthy resolutions to interpersonal conflicts
  • a better alignment of personal and professional values
  • the ability to use creative resources to overcome personal challenges
  • confidence in making difficult decisions and generating actions
  • a strong sense of personal integrity.
Last updated Monday, 5 June 2023