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Rouba Ibrahim

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Rouba Ibrahim is a professor at the School of Management of University College London (UCL). She holds a PhD degree in Operations Research from Columbia University (2010), an MSc degree in Applied Mathematics from Stony Brook University (2004), and a BSc degree in Mathematics from the American University of Beirut (2002).   


Rouba‚Äôs research interests lie in stochastic modelling applications to service systems, especially call centers and healthcare systems. In particular, she is interested in applying queueing-theoretic methods and numerical tools, such as simulation modelling and data analysis, to problems relating to the operational management of service systems. 

PhD supervisor to:

Research projects

Delay announcements in service systems

This project studies effective ways of announcing delays to incoming customers, as is commonly done in call centers or hospitals.

Data analytics in service systems

We analyse call center data from a major telecom company and propose new call arrival models which improve the management of the system.
Selected publications
Ibrahim, R., & L'Ecuyer, P. (2013). Forecasting call center arrivals: Fixed-effects, mixed-effects, and bivariate models. Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, 15 (1), 72-85. doi:10.1287/msom.1120.0405 [link]
Ibrahim, R., & Whitt, W. (2009). Real-Time Delay Estimation in Overloaded Multiserver Queues with Abandonments. Manag. Sci., 55, 1729-1742.

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