UCL School of Management

Nataliia Hrytsiuk

Visiting Research Associate
Office location
Level 38, 1 Canada Square
Rm C8


Natalia is Fellow of the Council of Scientists at Risk (Cara) and a part of an Academic Sanctuary Scheme to host Visiting Scholars from Ukrainian Universities. At the UCL School of Management Nataliia leads a research project “The Next Generation of Entrepreneurs for Ukraine”.

Prior to joining the UCL School of Management, she was a Deputy Dean (Education) at Lesya Ukrainka Volyn National University in Lutsk, Ukraine, where she spearheaded a programme of educational events with a patriotic, cultural, and historical focus.

She served as an Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Senior Lecturer developing and leading courses on Innovative Entrepreneurship, Start-up Project Management, Creative Management, and Strategic Management.

Natalia holds a PhD in Management and Entrepreneurship from Lviv University of Business and Law, with a thesis focusing on the development strategy for the chemical industry based on tax policy enterprises. Additionally, nataliia has a Master’s in Innovation and Enterprise from Lesya Ukrainka Volyn National University and a Bachelor’s degree in Banking from Lutsk National Technical University.

Volunteer work inсludes serving as an analyst at Ukraine Eurointegration Platform (UAEP), a platform dedicated to supporting displaced Ukrainians in the UK and Europe, and lecturing on Entrepreneurship at Facework Ukraine (London).


Nataliia’s research examines Innovative Entrepreneurship and Start-up Project Management: identifying market opportunities, creating innovative business models, securing funding for start-ups, and managing the various challenges associated with launching new ventures.

She has also investigated in Strategic Management: navigating changes in external and internal environments, informed decision-making and resource allocation, and creating sustainable competitive advantage.

Nataliia has authored over 70 academic publications, including three textbooks.