UCL School of Management

Martina Pizzinato

PhD Student
Office location
Level 38, 1 Canada Square


Martina Pizzinato is a PhD student at UCL School of Management working with Sarah Harvey, Colin Fisher, and Clarissa Cortland. Before joining UCL, Martina received an M.A. in International Commerce from Korea University (Seoul, South Korea) and a B.A. in Economics and Business from Ca’ Foscari University of Venice (Venice, Italy).

Martina uses inductive methodologies (i.e., interviews and shadowing) to understand the work experiences of employees who are at the forefront of two important societal and organizational trends (i.e., migration and freelance work). First, she studies how people with stigmatized identities (i.e., women and migrants) find ways to belong in workplaces where they are discriminated against. Second, she studies the creative processes of people (i.e., creative freelancers) who do not belong to and lack the support of formal organizations.

In her spare time, Martina likes to visit museums (Tate Modern), art galleries (The Courtauld Gallery & Saatchi Gallery), bookshops (Daunt Books & Word on the Water), and pottery studios. She is also a film photographer and avid fan of her dog, Yuki.

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