UCL School of Management

Ioannis Fragkos

Research Associate




In my research I focus on issues in Data Analytics, Logistics and Transportation, and Project Management. My research is methodological in nature, and revolves around developing and applying novel large-scale optimisation methods, using Dantzig-Wolfe decomposition, Lagrange relaxation, Branch-and-Price and their integration with primal search procedures such as large-scale neighbourhood search. In addition, I apply the above methodologies to real-life large-scale operations management problems such as maritime transhipment operations and production planning; in this context have worked with the Noble Group on optimising their logistics operations. During my time as research associate, I have been working on data analytics, using machine learning models such as logistic regression, decision trees and random forest. Recently, I have also begun working in the area of project management, were I investigate how behavioural theories can explain typical planning fallacies and what methods can be employed to reduce their impact; this work is done in collaboration with the UK Department for Transport and Network Rail.