UCL School of Management

Handy Tan

Lecturer (Education)
Office location
Level 50, 1 Canada Square
Rm SE55


Dr Handy Tan is a Lecturer specialising in finance. He has amassed both academic and professional knowledge in finance and accounting based on his studies at the University of Southern California, University of St Andrews and Essex University. He had previously worked for KPMG as an External Auditor at the Los Angeles HQ, USA and for HSBC as a Regulatory and Risk Analyst within HSBC’s Risk Management Department at Canary Wharf, UK.

His primary interests are in the areas of empirical financial modelling and forecasting whilst maintaining a good balance amongst theoretical aspects of econometrics. He is also keen on studying and implementing risk management models following the Integrated Basel Framework on Banking Supervision.

He has taught and worked with many students from A-Level to PhD level on interdisciplinary research in applying econometric models covering the fields of Finance, Accounting, Political Science, Sociology, (Transport) Economics, Statistics and Risk Management to demonstrate the ubiquity of econometric methods and models in various disciplines.

In terms of professional practice experiences, Dr Tan has worked with many industry professionals from KPMG, HSBC, Virgin Money, Bloomberg, Lloyds, Goldman Sachs, Flybits and Moneycorp in the areas of accounting & auditing, finance, risk management, analytics and fintech. He is currently exploring the impacts of the use of Large Language Models (LLMs) in finance and their ‘disruptive’ nature in the academia.

ipsa scientia potestas est - Sir Francis Bacon (1561 - 1626).