UCL School of Management

Frederic Malherbe

Programme Director (MSc Finance)
Co-Head (Research) of the Finance, Accounting, and Economics group

PhD supervisor to:

Research projects

Banking regulation

Analysis of the effect of capital requirements on banks and on the real economy
Selected publications
Bruche, M., Malherbe, F., & Meisenzahl, R. (2020). Pipeline Risk in Leveraged Loan Syndication. The Review of Financial Studies. doi:10.1093/rfs/hhaa029 [link]
BAHAJ, S., & MALHERBE, F. (2020). The Forced Safety Effect: How Higher Capital Requirements Can Increase Bank Lending. The Journal of Finance, 75 (6), 3013-3053. doi:10.1111/jofi.12958 [link]
Bouton, L., Llorente-Saguer, A., & Malherbe, F. (2018). Get Rid of Unanimity Rule: The Superiority of Majority Rules with Veto Power. Journal of Political Economy, 126 (1), 107-149. doi:10.1086/695477 [link]
Malherbe, F. (2014). Self-Fulfilling Liquidity Dry-Ups. The Journal of Finance, 69 (2), 947-970. doi:10.1111/jofi.12063 [link]