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Enrico Forti

Research Associate
Teaching Fellow
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Henry Morley Building
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Enrico Forti is Research Associate and Teaching Fellow at UCL School of Management and Visiting Researcher at London Business School. Before joining UCL, Enrico received a PhD in Management from the University of Bologna and has been working as business analyst at Accenture.

Enrico does research at the intersection of innovation and strategic management with a focus on strategy evolution and contemporary industries that are migrating toward more fluid and project-based production. Among others, Enrico has worked with Enel, Lonza and the Italian Ministry of Economic Development.


I do research on innovation and strategy evolution in the context of contemporary industries that are migrating toward more fluid and project-based production.

My current work tries to answer two main research questions: 1) why and how do organizations and individuals change their strategic behaviour, and 2) what is the impact of change on the performance of individuals and organizations.

My work is mainly driven by theoretical tensions in the organizational learning and categorization literatures, while also borrowing concepts from the fields of sociology and marketing. My empirical approach has spanned multiple methods and data sources, ranging from econometric studies of naturally occurring data—to investigate patterns of innovation and performance—, to qualitative analyses of historical case studies—to explain inflection points in the process of strategy evolution and how organizations transition from exploration to exploitation. 

I am currently working on multiple projects at different stages of development and with a focus on industries ranging from regenerative medicine to semiconductors and entertainment.

Research projects

The social networks of academic inventors

Comparing the social networks of academic inventors and non-inventors to study the impact of patenting on scientific communities.

Continuity, change and new product success

How to manage changes in product attributes and team composition in sequences of products
Selected publications
Forti, E., Franzoni, C., & Sobrero, M. (2013). Bridges or isolates? Investigating the social networks of academic inventors. Research Policy, 42 (8), 1378-1388. doi:10.1016/j.respol.2013.05.003 [link]
Forti, E., Sobrero, M., & Vezzulli, A. (2011). Managing trade-offs within and across decision domains: Continuity, change and new product performance. Academy of Management 2011 Annual Meeting - West Meets East: Enlightening. Balancing. Transcending, AOM 2011.

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