UCL School of Management

Daphne Sobolev

Lecturer (Education)
Honorary Research Fellow
Phone number
(0)20 2076 79
(internal 33209)
Office location
Engineering Front Building
Rm 4.13


Daphne joined the School of Management in 2014. She leads the courses: Behavioural Finance, Finance Research Project and Mathematics I. These courses reflect her fields of interest: Behavioural Finance and Mathematics. In Behavioural Finance, Daphne specialises in Ethics, Judgment and Decision Making as well as Financial Psychology. In particular, she works on financial practitioners’ psychology, ethics judgment, judgemental biases, and perception of financial data. In Mathematics, Daphne specialised in Partial Differential Equations and Numerical Analysis.

Daphne has a PhD in Applied Mathematics (Technion, 2005) and a PhD in Psychology (UCL, 2015). Daphne presented her work at many international conferences on Psychology (e.g. 2014-2019: the Behavioural Finance Working Group Conference at Queen Mary University, London; 2014: the International Symposium on Forecasting, Rotterdam; 2013: the Annual International Symposium on Forecasting, Seoul, Korea) and Mathematics (e.g. 2005: the International Conference on Quantum Graphs, Snowbird, Utah; 2004: the International RTN meeting on Fronts-Singularities, Leiden). Daphne has taught a large variety of undergraduate and graduate courses at universities in the UK and abroad including Behavioural Science, Differential Equations and Numerical Analysis. She publishes her work in peer reviewed papers, e.g. 

Sobolev, D. (2019). Insider Information: The Ethicality of the High Frequency Trading Industry. British Journal of Management, 31(1), 101-122.