UCL School of Management

Andrew Montandon

Teaching and Research Assistant
Office location
Level 38, 1 Canada Square


Andrew completed his undergraduate degree and masters degree at the University of Cape Town, then obtained a masters degree in Economics from the Georgia Institute of Technology (US). He has several years of teaching experience in business and marketing management, strategy and economics. At UCL he has served as teaching assistant for:

MSING015 Business Strategy (2018 - Present)‚Äč

MSIN2004 Business Research Methods  (2018 - Present)

MSINM050 Technology and Digital Strategy (2017 - Present)

MSIN301P Marketing Science (2017 - Present)

MSING051 Business Strategy and Analytics (2016 - Present)

MSIN7011 International Business (2016 - Present)

MSIN7018 Global Marketing Strategy (2016 - Present)

MSIN1002 Communication and Behaviour in Organisations (2016 - Present)

Much of Andrew’s research experiences has focused around quantitative research, with his empirical research in retail marketing having been published in the Journal of Retailing & Consumer Services, Journal of Food Products Marketing, European Retail Research, National Brands & Private Labels in Retailing and the British Food Journal.