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3 January 2023

As the workplace balance of power shifts Anthony Klotz warns flexibility is key

Headshot of Anthony Klotz

Since the ‘Great Resignation’, the workplace power dynamic has been largely in favour of employees, but as we emerge from this phenomenon Anthony Klotz warns it is not a time for employers to take their staff for granted. Talking to the Wall Street Journal he warns if employees don’t feel valued they may retaliate.

Many companies are now pushing for a return to the office however, it’s important that employees do not feel that employers are rolling back on things that improve their quality of life or support their work-life balance, as this could cause them to retaliate. Anthony believes this could become the next big issue for corporate leaders to manage. 

Anthony explains that “Deviant behaviour covers a large umbrella. Everything from slacking off at work…just not doing your job to the full potential, to actually stealing from the company, to mistreating customers, to speaking badly to the organisation to other people…bad-mouthing your manager, lashing out at peers.” He explains that employees usually exert these behaviours when they feel undervalued and he warns redacting the ability to work from home could be a catalyst for this.

As the labour market returns to the pre-pandemic state, Anthony advises leaders to engage with employees, understand what they can do to keep their employees engaged and demonstrate that they value the work they are doing.

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Last updated Thursday, 5 January 2023