UCL School of Management

23 August 2022

UCL School of Management sponsors AOM 2022

Guests at the AOM conference

This year UCL School of Management was proud to sponsor the Academy of Management, AOM annual conference in Seattle. The conference aims to bring together management scholars to share their expertise and continue driving forth innovation in the business and management arena.

The global landscape is changing, politically technologically, environmentally and demographically which has bought uncertainty and change to organisations and the employment market. With the global pandemic, the Ukrainian war and de-globalization becoming more prominent, now more than ever we need to understand the most effective ways to adapt to the changing landscape and help organisations survive and thrive in these complex times.

Management scholars play a pivotal role in understanding how to navigate this unchartered territory and offer theoretical and practical approaches to help managers lead more effectively.

The UCL School of Management was proud to be a sponsor of the event and connect with fellow scholars from leading institutions around the world. On Sunday night we hosted a drinks reception at the Seattle Art Museum. This charming space was filled with over 400 attendees to discuss the research going on in the field and at the School of Management.

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Last updated Friday, 2 September 2022