UCL School of Management

13 January 2023

UCL School of Management faculty member wins 'Professor of the Year' Award

Last month, UCL School of Management Senior Teaching Fellow Mario Vanhoucke received the ‘Professor of the Year’ award from the American College of Performance Management, an organisation that validates project control methods in practice. The annual award is presented to faculty members that both demonstrate pedagogical excellence and publish academic papers and books that centre upon performance management.

An expert in project scheduling, project control and risk analysis, Mario’s research interests include searching for more efficient ways to measure, improve and optimise the performance of projects in progress and improve their resource efficiency. He is also a founding member of the ‘Operations Research and Scheduling’ research group, and consistently strives to facilitate research collaborations with both national and international organisations.

Discussing his award win, Mario tells us that ‘it is fantastic to see a professional organisation recognise that academic research is a prerequisite for excellent education.’

Last updated Monday, 16 January 2023