UCL School of Management

19 April 2024

UCL & EPFL collaborate on STARTAlp Initiative to support global startup growth

The UCL School of Management, London UK, proudly hosted the “STARTAlp” event, celebrating the collaboration between University College London (UCL) and École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) following the memorandum of understanding between the UK and Switzerland. The event showcased ten startups from both universities, emphasising the strengths of combining resources and expertise to support emerging entrepreneurial ventures.

The Ambassador of Switzerland to the United Kingdom, His Excellency Markus Leitner, who spoke at the event, emphasised the importance of such international collaborations for fostering entrepreneurial talent. The Ambassador noted:

“It is great to see British and Swiss Universities spending a week together. This is an opportunity to learn from peers and a great platform to build international networks of investors and business companies…This programme fits well in the larger context of our bilateral relations and agreements that we have concluded and boosts the competitiveness of both the United Kingdom and Switzerland. Thank you very much to UCL for hosting us.” 

The event also featured a special guest, Charlie Raposo, a five-time British Champion from the British alpine ski team. Raposo shared insights into the resilience and determination required to excel both on the slopes and in business.

“The parallels between high-level athletics and entrepreneurship are striking, where both require a relentless pursuit of excellence and a robust mentality to overcome challenges,” Raposo remarked.

Pierre-Jean (PJ) Hanard, Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Lead for Entrepreneurship Education at UCL, elaborated on the event’s significance. Handard commented:

“This initiative exemplifies how international academic collaboration can enhance entrepreneurship and expand business development opportunities. Led by my colleague Andreas Feller-Ryf from UCL Innovation and Enterprise, this tailor-made programme marks the first of its kind between the two countries. It equips the five EPFL and five UCL startups with the essential resources and guidance necessary to explore new market opportunities and succeed on a global stage.”

Last updated Friday, 19 April 2024