UCL School of Management

12 December 2014

Solar-powered 'Desolenator' launched to disrupt global water crisis

A clean technology start up founded by MSc Technology Entrepreneurship (2013) alumnus Gal Moore has launched a crowd funding campaign via Indiegogo to raise £150K to produce a solar powered device which aims to solve the world water crisis.

‘Desolenator’ is a patented technology that harnesses the power of the sun to transform salt water into drinking water. 97% of the worlds’ water is saline and with population growth and climate change, water is seen as being one of the biggest challenges facing humanity in the future. Desolenator gives families water independence for up to 20 years, providing 15 litres of drinking water per day without any requirement to be connected to the grid and no ‘consumable’ or moving parts.

Desolenator was one of the UK winners of the Clean Launch Pad award in September 2014

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