UCL School of Management

5 September 2016

Professor Martin Kilduff explains how to deal with your needy colleagues

Professor Martin Kilduff has been speaking to the BBC about how to deal with needy colleagues in the workplace.

Every office has somebody who is seen as the ‘go-to’ person when problems arise, but it seems many people struggle to balance being the office sage with their own workload.

According to Professor Kilduff, being the “go-to” person can have a number of positive effects on your career, including high job-performance and career success.

However, he warns against giving up too much time to deal with other people’s issues: “Being too willing to engage for lengthy periods of time with non-work-related issues can negatively affect [your] performance,” he says.

“So, you’ll need to impose a time budget on these kinds of interactions. Think about it in terms of holding office hours during which these issues can be resolved,” he says.

You can read the rest of his advice on the BBC website.

Last updated Monday, 5 September 2016