UCL School of Management

4 May 2016

Peter Clark featured in Star Tribune's article

As deal-making wave crests, three large Minnesota companies will have new owners

Minnesota’s largest newspaper Star Tribune examines the significant increase of mergers.  Adam Belz’s article states that in just over a month, three of the largest businesses in the US state of Minnesota have been acquired by outside companies.

The article draws on the expertise of a range specialists in the field, including Peter Clark, Senior Teaching Fellow at the UCL School of Management, who illustrates why companies are merging or being aquired, giving an overview of the current situation and forecasting what could happen next.

“You’ve got an approaching storm for companies that are kind of plateaued or down. With the expectation that interest rates will rise and the fear that a next recession could soon be approaching, this is driving companies to acquire or merge.  The next ‘potential target’ could be General Mills, a giant food company, whose revenue has been slightly negative for last three years.” Clark suggests this could be a red flag to investors that an acquisition could occur.

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