UCL School of Management

8 April 2016

Peter Clark featured in Barron’s article 'How Not to Sell Your Company'

Peter Clark, Senior Teaching Fellow at the UCL School of Management, shares his specialist knowledge in M&A market to illustrate the complexity of selling a business.

The changing economy and dubious players, all claiming to fight for your best interests in the selling process, make decision-making difficult. There is all too often immense pressure to move rapidly through the process to sell, Peter emphasises timing and the impact of politics on future global M&A market:

‘the time to prepare to sell was last month, particularly if you own a mid-sized business with idiosyncratic quirks. A real downturn is possible around the time a new U.S. president is chosen’.

The article illustrates the need to resist the urge to sell withought thinking of the consequences, to wait and sit it out and “catch the next wave”.

The full article, written by Robert Teitelman, is online here:


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