UCL School of Management

16 December 2022

Nick Rosa explains the Metaverse at UCL

Nick Rosa, Metaverse Strategy Lead for Europe at Accenture, launched his new book at UCL School of Management’s home on the top floor of One Canada Square with a keynote discussion on the Metaverse.

Hosted by Professor Paolo Taticchi OMRI, Nick spent the evening explaining the fundamentals of the Metaverse to students and guests as he discussed the details of his new book ‘Understanding the Metaverse: A Business and Ethical Guide’.

Throughout the discussion, Nick touched upon the ways in which Accenture is already starting to use the Metaverse, and the ways in which the technology can reinvigorate our understanding of the world ‘real’ by opening an infinite variety of new commercial, social and technological opportunities.

You can listen to Nick’s speech by replaying the talk on Youtube.

Last updated Friday, 16 December 2022