UCL School of Management

27 June 2017

New research on how to land a job covered in media

Research from Dr SunYoung Lee, an assistant professor at UCL School of Management, into how to land a job has been widely reported in the media.

Dr Lee was part of a study alongside Bocconi University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and London Business School.

Their research found that the top 10% of candidates actually fare better in job interviews when they present who they really are, compared to just presenting their ‘best aspects’

“People are often encouraged to only present the best aspects of themselves at interview so they appear more attractive to employers, but what we’ve found is that high-quality candidates – the top 10% – fare much better when they present who they really are. Unfortunately, the same isn’t true for poorer quality candidates who can actually damage their chances of being offered the job by being more authentic,” explained Dr Lee.

The research was widely reported in the media:

The Telegraph
The Daily Mail
City A.M
The Economic Times
Hans India


Last updated Tuesday, 27 June 2017