UCL School of Management

14 November 2018

Lynsie Chew discusses Learning for the Future

Lynsie Chew (middle right) along with the syposium panel (Photo: UCL School of Management)

Lynsie Chew took part in a symposium panel on ‘Learning for the Future’ at the recent World Congress of Accounting Educators and Researchers in Sydney.

Members of the School’s Finance, Accounting and Economics Team attended the World Congress of Accountants in Sydney, followed by the World Congress of Accounting Educators and Researchers, in a week long trip to Australia.

The symposium, which Lynsie had been invited to participate in, explored the challenges of bringing universities, employers, and individual learners closer together in a world of accelerated change, technological advances, curated learning experiences and, crucially, increasingly demanding expectations of employers and learners.

In an interactive session, audience members were forthright and passionate in exchanging views, with the symposium voted one of the highlights of the congress.

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