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6 January 2022

Job negotiations extend beyond salary discussions

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Writing a joint piece for Fast Company, Sunny Lee explains that there is more to job negotiations than the salary. She shares why it is an opportunity to explore future career ambitions and what can support personal and professional development to achieve the end goal.

Salaries are a main focal point for many workers and studies show that failing to negotiate from the outset can lead to significant loss of earnings throughout a career, up to half a million dollars in some cases.

While Sunny acknowledges the importance of negotiating on salary, she suggests that it should not be the main focal point for all discussions, with other important nuances underpinning the behavioural science behind goal setting and career ambitions that could apply to job negotiations.

Depending on your goals, negotiations on opportunities, responsibilities or other tangible assets can be a valuable exercise. Sunny suggests using integrative tactics to bring more issues to the conversation for both parties to leverage, such as medical insurance, paid leave or experiences such as mentoring, support to pursue other hobbies or develop new projects.

Sunny shares her top strategies to negotiate and ensure a job meets employees short and long-term goals. She concludes jobs can pay well with more than just money and other opportunities can be more valuable for long-term career trajectory.

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Last updated Tuesday, 25 January 2022