UCL School of Management

15 July 2016

'ICE' can help organisations be more fluid and adapt in the digital age

Research from Rikke Duus, UCL School of Management, and Mike Cooray, Ashridge Executive Education at Hult International Business School, suggests the ‘ICE’ framework can help organisations be more fluid and help them to adapt in the digital age. 

The ‘ICE’ framework proposes three levels of reach and engagement which affect the leadership role, strategic push and engagement focus that can be adopted by organisations. At the heart of the framework is the idea that organisations must collaborate to drive innovation across and within industries, in order to compete effectively in dynamic and networked ecosystems.

Rikke and Mike have published an article on the World Economic Forum to introduce their framework.

You can read the full article online.

Last updated Monday, 18 July 2016