UCL School of Management

2 May 2023

Dr Felix Danbold joins the Institute for Gender and the Economy to bust myths

UCL School of Management Assistant Professor Felix Danbold joins the Institute for Gender and the Economy in Episode 7 of Busted | Gender and the Economy podcast to challenge the myth that good leadership is masculine leadership. 

The Institute for Gender and the Economy have released an audio podcast series, Busted, that busts prominent myths surrounding gender and the economy by teaming up with leading experts in the field. Dr Felix Danbold features in Episode 7, where they delve into the myth that good leadership is masculine leadership and explores how we can facilitate more diverse and representative leaders across our workplaces and our societies.  

What makes a good leader? When you hear this question, do you think about traits like assertiveness, ambition, and determination? A lot of people may be surprised to realise that as a society, we often associate good leadership with stereotypically masculine traits. However, a range of different traits are needed —including both stereotypically masculine and feminine traits—make effective leaders.

We’ll leave it to Dr Felix Danbold to explain. You can listen here.

Last updated Wednesday, 31 May 2023