UCL School of Management

2 October 2018

Dr Chia-Jung Tsay shares tips for entrepreneurs with Forbes

Dr Chia-Jung Tsay has been discussing why accidental entrepreneurs make the best micro-business owners with Forbes.

Forbes approached a range of academics, business owners, and business leaders, to find out whether those who own small businesses have to be a manager, a leader, or if the two can be combined. Forbes also wanted to find out what skills are natural to us, and what skills need to be learned in order to be successful.

Dr Tsay suggests that it is easier than ever before access to resources, which will certainly help managers and leaders as they strive to run their businesses, but also added that no matter what level of manager or leader you are, you must continue to learn through deliberation, reflection, and consideration.

“It’s an exciting time when more and more people have easier access to the resources to develop leadership and management skills, and when companies are perhaps more open to leveraging unconventional sources of talent. This leads to the possibility of a workforce and a customer base that could be better represented by leaders and managers who are more likely to share their diverse experiences.

“Whether a new manager or a seasoned leader, we can always keep practising more deliberation before decisions, more reflection after decisions, and more consideration of others’ perspectives to inform ourselves and the information set. It may be helpful to periodically engage with refresher sessions that remind us that moving towards a learning mindset that emphasizes creating value together with others offers not just intangible gains, but also likely greater efficiency and financial gains.”

You can read the full article online with Forbes.

Last updated Tuesday, 2 October 2018