UCL School of Management

28 October 2021

Davide Ravasi on navigating the future through education

Headshot of Professor Davide Ravasi

UCL School of Management Director, Professor Davide Ravasi

Writing for the Economist Education, School Director Davide Ravasi explains how the key to successfully navigating times of uncertainty in business is through education.

With the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated digital transformation to accommodate the new working from home style to keep the global business industry and economy afloat, many of us were forced to reinvent our careers.

Davide advises that in this time of uncertainty leaders need to be able to anticipate change and agile to adapt for evolution or reinvention, which executive development can help them achieve. He says, “it’s about helping executives to ask the right questions. It’s about empowering leaders to unpick the implications of their responses and assess the possible pathways of action that fit with the commercial and sustainable objectives of the organisation”.

He describes a good executive education as having “powerful headlights in a car travelling at night. It delivers a far better capability to see the twists and turns that are coming, assess possible disruptions and take advantage of long-range opportunities”.

UCL School of Management’s Executive Education programmes equips leaders with the necessary skillset and network to expand their perspective and seek fresh insights to enable their organisations to thrive in any future unforeseen circumstances.

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Last updated Monday, 1 November 2021