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13 January 2021

Is cloud-based learning here to stay? 

Photo of a man at a computer with headphones on attending a virtual class

Source: Pexels

As many studies point to edtech as a catalyst for change in educational processes, Paolo Taticchi speaks to Education Technology about the recent shift to online learning and why he believes universities must build on their experience to build some truly great, accessible programmes for international markets.  

Paolo suggests the ability to incorporate AI in online learning allows for tailored learning to meet students need’s:  

Greater access to a greater amount of data would allow universities to learn more about how their students react to online programmes. For example, monitoring how international students taking online programmes respond to learning from videos in a second or third language can guide universities towards better ways of producing educational content. If it becomes clear that students are having to pause videos multiple times or are having to play them at a reduced speed, educators should think about how they structure video content. 

Cloud based learning technologies can also facilitate recruitment in two ways; by attracting more international students as the reduced relocation fees break down the finical barrier many students face. Furthermore, it provides a more flexible approach to studying allowing universities to target the professional market, many of whom want to study but are limited in their availability. 

The UCL MBA, our classroom-based MBA, delivered online is an excellent example of how universities can maximise the emerging technology and provide quality, accessible education for an international and professional audience.  

Designed to be delivered online from the start, rather than retrofitted from an on-campus programme. Students have access to seamless technological integration, helpful tools and easy access to academics – all within a digital campus that fosters relationship-building and live collaboration. 

Last updated Sunday, 31 January 2021