UCL School of Management

6 September 2017

Anil Doshi wins Gerardine DeSanctis Dissertation Award

Anil Doshi, an assistant professor at UCL School of Management, has won the Gerardine DeSanctis Dissertation Award at the latest Academy of Management annual meeting.

The award, which is now in its 10th year, was presented by the Organizational Communication and Information Systems (OCIS) Division at the Academy of Management.

“I was thrilled and honored to receive the DeSanctis Award at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting this past August,” said Anil

This year’s theme encouraged research on how digital technology facilitates the emergence of boundaries that demarcate new spaces for value-creation activity, establishes connections across existing boundaries and redefines where value-creation activities are performed and by whom.

Anil’s paper, currently titled “Technology Diffusion with Generation Cohorts,” certainly fits that brief.

“My research helps us to understand how a technology diffuses through waves of new members of a growing population,” he said.

“Even companies with widely adopted products need to recognize that the diffusion of their product refreshes with each new wave. And startups looking to overtake an entrenched product might be best served differentiating their offering to capture the most recent members of the total population.”

Last updated Wednesday, 6 September 2017