UCL School of Management

21 February 2017

Alumna Cindy Wang helping to develop Smart Urban Habitat

Cindy Wang, a BSc Information Management for Business Alumna, is helping to develop Smart Urban Habitat initiatives in Singapore.

After graduating from UCL School of Management last year, Cindy is now part of the team developing the technical portion of a smart hub, which will provide the Housing Development Board (HDB) with advanced analytics and data.

The HDB sponsored her studies here in the UK after Cindy applied for the HDB Overseas Undergraduate Scholarship, citing that she ‘wanted to work for an organisation that would allow her to give back to her country.’

Now, she’s in the perfect position to do that, as she helps to develop the Smart Urban Habitat initiatives that are being piloted currently.

The pilots are all part of Singapore’s long term vision, which will see them become a ‘smart nation.’

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Last updated Tuesday, 21 February 2017