UCL School of Management

29 May 2018

Alan Parkinson and Lynsie Chew meet with Financial Stability Institute (FSI)

Alan Parkinson and Lynsie Chew recently travelled to Basel, Switzerland, having been invited to present and speak on a panel at the Financial Stabiliy Institute (FSI).

The FSI is part of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) with a mandate to improve and strengthen global banking financial systems through training and development, a mandate accentuated by the post-financial crisis turmoil resulting from the 2008 crash.

Through the FSI, BSI has recently introduced FIS Connect, an on-line information resource and learning tool available exclusively to central banks and banking supervisory authorities.

Alan and Lynsie’s meetings focused on pedagogy underpinning business simulations, and emerging trends in digital education, both of which are important in BSI’s plans to further develop FIS Connect.

Last updated Tuesday, 29 May 2018