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Delivering a ‘High Intensity Interval Thinking’ (HIIT) Workout to students


Dr Sarah Warnes, UCL School of Management


Wednesday, 11 October 2017
13:00 – 14:00

Increasing levels of student engagement in lectures through team and individual based activities, was a key aim of Dr Sarah Warnes in 2016/17. 

One of the ways that she did this was by following the principles of the HIIT Workout, where you repeat short bursts of hard work, followed by short bursts of rest. Sarah took these principles and applied them to one of her lectures. Students had timed thinking activities, followed by timed periods of rest. The outcome was a fast paced, energetic and enjoyable session, a little chaotic (!) but well worth the effort. 

In this session, Sarah will share her experiences of the planning and delivery of the ‘HIIT Lecture’, along with her reflections on ways to further develop this style of delivery for lectures in 2017/18.

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