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Accenture: How Analytics can be used to help make the world safer


Tuesday, 6 March 2018
16:00 – 18:00

However there are challenges to realising this in the real world and some of these challenges will be discussed in relation to two projects for large UK police forces.

Project 1: Using analytics to identify high risk gang offenders

Project 2: Data Sharing to help identify vulnerable children

Muz Janoowalla is the UK Lead for Accenture Insights Platform, which is Accenture’s Cloud Based Analytics Platform for industrialising analytics across an organisation. Muz has been leading data and analytic programmes since the late 90’s. In the past five years, his focus has been on analytics relating to public safety, fraud and financial crime. His key clients have been Police forces, Banks, Insurers and Local Authorities but he has also worked for a wide range of other organisations.

His #DigitalSuperhero brand on social media resulted in him being asked to present a Tedx talk on public safety https://youtu.be/AiZS6b5C9qw

He has also written on Digital Policing for the Telegraph. His passion and support for public safety was recognised when he  won a National Policing Award as the Best UK Non-Police Information Account on Twitter.

The topic of his talk will be on how analytics can be used to help make the world safer.

There is a huge potential to use data analytics to help prevent, respond and solve crimes more effectively but there are some challenges to realising this in the real word.

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