UCL School of Management

Prateek Raj

PhD Student
Office location
Level 38, 1 Canada Square


Prateek Raj studies the different ways in which people organize to do business under varying cultural, institutional and technological conditions. He is especially interested in organizations of the past like European merchant guilds, and of developing countries like Indian caste networks. He is a final year PhD Candidate in Strategy and Entrepreneurship at University College London and a Research Associate at the Stigler Center for the Study of the Economy and the State at University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Additionally, he is a Visiting Predoctoral Fellow at Kellogg School of Management and Center for Economic History at Northwestern University since 2015. Prateek was born and brought up in Bihar and Jharkhand, states in eastern part of India. He graduated from IIT Delhi in 2010 and was an Associate Consultant at DasturCo to clients in metals and mining sector. He was also a Guest Teacher at Department of Management at London School of Economics from 2012 to 2015. More details of his research can be found at prateekr.com