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C Gizem Korpeoglu

Research Associate
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Dr Gizem Korpeoglu is a postdoctoral fellow at UCL School of Management. She received her PhD in Economics from Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University in 2015. She also holds an MS degree in Economics from Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University (2012). She received her BS degree from Middle Eastern Technical University in 2008.


Dr Korpeoglu is an applied theorist who studies operational decisions in the presence of market effects in areas such as supply chain management, innovation management, and innovative business models. During her PhD studies, she has studied market models in different contexts such as matching markets where she has applied mechanism design without money, dynamic competitive markets where she has utilized overlapping generations framework, and imperfectly competitive markets where she has utilized a Shapley-Shubik market-game framework. In these studies, she has employed game theory and general equilibrium theory. Currently, she utilizes her experience and expertise in such economic models to analyze a diverse set of operational problems.

Dr Korpeoglu considers market effects in different operational contexts. In the context of supply chain management, she studies supply chain competition by factoring in the market between multiple suppliers and multiple retailers. In the context of innovation management, she studies crowdsourcing contests where she factors in the market between a seeker and a group of solvers who can generate innovative solutions to the seeker’s problem, and the seeker pays solvers in the form of awards given to the best solutions. In the context of innovative business models, she studies the decisions of innovative online platforms factoring in the market effects. For instance, she studies operational issues in sharing economy where a service provider (e.g., a platform such as Uber) has to factor in the two-sided markets between itself and its customers as well as its servers (e.g., Uber drivers).

Research projects

Innovative Online Platforms

This project studies innovative online platforms, which constitute a major portion of innovative business models today.
Selected publications
Korpeoglu, C. G., Korpeoglu, E., & Tunc, S. (2018). Optimal duration of innovation contests. Working paper.
Korpeoglu, C. G., Tang, C., & Tunc, S. (2018). Team Formation in Innovation Contests.
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Korpeoglu, C. G., & Spear, S. E. (2017). A theory of managerial compensation and taxation with endogenous risk. Economic Theory Bulletin. doi:10.1007/s40505-017-0125-4 [link]
Korpeoglu, C. G. (2016). Consumer cooperatives: Blessing or curse?. Working paper.
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