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MSING043: Fintech Entrepreneurship


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Taught by
Helene Panzarino
Donald Lawrence
MSc Technology Entrepreneurship
Delivery method
10 x 3-hour lectures
100% field research report

Course overview

The module introduces tools and techniques appropriate to starting a new venture in the Fintech (financial technology) industry. This includes tools to:

  • identify a suitable arena for developing a venture and how to enter and work within that arena
  • develop a plan for seeking regulatory approval for the proposed activity
  • attract and develop a founding team
  • develop a business model
  • develop a strategic and marketing plan for the venture
  • seek external funding as needed for the venture

The module will draw on the expertise of entrepreneurs in residence and guest mentors and speakers drawn from London’s fintech industry.

Learning outcomes

The module aims to equip students with understanding of the principles of strategy, marketing, value proposition development, and regulatory position in fintech entrepreneurship, understanding of the tools available for applying the principles, and experience of using some of the tools.

Upon successful completion of the module, students will have:

  • Knowledge of tools available for following the principles
  • Experience of using, and reflecting on use of, the tools

Assessment summary

This module is assessed through a field research project report of 5,000 words.

Past versions of this module

MSIN0089 18/19

MSING043 17/18

MSING043 16/17

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