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MSINM022: Organisational Behaviour


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This is a past version of this module for MSINM022 16/17.
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Taught by
M-level (4th year undergraduate)
4th year MSci IMB students only
Term 1
Delivery method
3-hour interactive lecture (x 10 weeks)
In-class test 65%; coursework assignment (500 words) 35%

Course overview

Organizational behavior is the study of how people think, feel and behave in organizations. This foundation course introduces students to the core theories, findings and debates in the field. During the course, students will engage in lectures, group activities, negotiations, and discussions to enhance their mastery of the material.

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Use theory and evidence to inform their decision making at work
  • Critique and offer useful alternatives to dubious management practices
  • Understand and apply findings from organizational behavior to common workplace issues, such as how to lead and motivate employees
  • Be conversant in classic research in the field, preparing them for further study in organizational behavior or related fields

Topics covered

  • Personality
  • Intelligence
  • Job Attitudes: Satisfaction and Morale
  • Motivation
  • Conflict and Negotiations
  • Leadership
  • Power, Status and Influence
  • Decision Making and Cognitive Biases
  • Group and Team Dynamics
  • Networks
  • Organizational Culture and Change

Assessment summary

65% Two hour in-class test

35% Coursework assignment (500 words)

Essential reading

A combination of textbook, cases, videos, and news articles will be used in this class. A textbook is used to provide a baseline of knowledge about the topics we discuss, so as to allow class time to be devoted to more advanced treatment of the issues through exercises or discussion based on other relevant materials.

Past versions of this module

MSIN0142 18/19

MSINM022 17/18

MSINM022 16/17

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