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MSIN6001B: Understanding Management


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This is a past version of this module for MSIN6001B 16/17.
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Taught by
2nd year IEP students with Management Minor and 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th year undergraduates from all departments
Term 1 (MSIN6001A) or Term 2 (MSIN6001B)
Delivery method
2-hour lecture (x 10 weeks) and 1-hour seminar (x 9 weeks) and e-learning activities
30% group presentation and 70% individual report

Course overview

This module introduces students to the practice of management, to what managers do. Different management activites and roles are explored from both a practical and theoretical perspective. Key management responsibilities such as strategic thinking, analyzing the business environment, marketing, and motivating self and others, will be explored alongside a real-life case study. This provides opportunities for students to apply theoretical concepts to an actual business case. The module is delivered across three key mediums: lectures, e-learning and seminars. Assessment is through a group presentation where students will be presenting from the perspective of different management roles, and an individual business report. The aim of the module is to not only introduce students to the essence of management and to the tools managers use, but importantly, will provide real insight into the role of the manager, managing in today’s dynamic and exciting business environment.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the module, students will be able to:

  • Discuss the problems and issues that surround management practice in organisations, using a critical and informed approach

  • Explain and evaluate the main environmental, strategic and operating concerns facing organisations and managers

  • Produce, justify, and support arguments in favour of or against particular initiatives and approaches

  • Apply effectively a range of concepts, methods, and analytical approaches to specific cases

Topics covered

  • Managing in Organisations

  • Models of Management

  • Managing Strategy and the Business Environment

  • Marketing Management

  • Managing Cultures and Contexts

  • Corporate Responsibility

  • Organisational Structure

  • Managing Change and Innovation

  • Leading and working in teams

  • Influencing and Motivating

Assessment summary

30% - group presentation based on a real-life business scenario.

70% - individual 2,500 word business report.

Essential reading


Boddy, D. (2012) Essentials of Management: A Concise Introduction, London: Pearson

Combe, C. (2014) Introduction to Management. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Mintzberg, H. (2009) Managing. Harlow: Pearson Education Limited.

Mullins, L. (2016) Management & Organisational Behaviour 11th Ed.  London: FT Prentice Hall.   

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MSIN6001B 17/18

MSIN6001B 16/17

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