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MSIN0132: Seminar in Organization Theory

Taught by
None, but some background in social science is an advantage
PhD and MRes doctoral track students
Term 1
Delivery method
3-hour discussion/lecture (x 10 weeks)
Paper 40%; Class participation 30%; Assignments 30%
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Course overview

This seminar is designed for PhD students and emphasizes theory and research related to organizations, with specific emphases on innovation, creativity and social networks. The seminar draws from both organizational behavior and organization theory, but focuses on topics that cross micro/macro boundaries and represent novel contributions from organizational perspectives.

There is no required text for the class, but if this is your first organization course, you will benefit from reading a basic organizational behavior or organization theory survey text. The class readings consist of 3 or 4 articles or book excerpts each week as a basis for active discussion. The focus is on promoting the research interests and capabilities of participants.

Learning outcomes

The major outcome of this course is the facilitation of theory-driven research on organizations. Seminar participants at the end of the course will have improved their ability to:

  • engage creatively and critically with existing research and theory;

  • articulate arguments and propose new research ideas;

  • develop ideas systematically in research paper form.

Each session may contain both theoretical and empirical contributions. But the emphasis will be relentlessly on ideas and research. The expectation in this class is that each of us will develop the critical skills necessary to evaluate many different kinds of research; and that each of us will leave the class able to contribute significantly to the on-going conversations among organization scientists.

Topics covered

  • Creativity
  • Teams
  • Intra-organizational Networks
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Open Innovation
  • Inter-organizational Networks
  • Organizational Change
  • Organizational Learning
  • Exploration, Ambidexterity, Bricolage

Assessment summary

The research paper counts for 40% – this must be an original paper written for this class (5000 words). Students are expected to contribute actively to the class – class participation counts for 30%. Each student is required to write an assignment before each class session – assignments account for 30%.

Essential reading

Latest issues of the research journals (AMJ, ASQ, Organization Science, AMR) in the field.

Past versions of this module

MSIN0132 18/19

MSINGR02 17/18

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