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MSIN0119: Organisational Behaviour and Leadership

Taught by
Masters, level 7
MBA students only
Delivery method
For full-time students 8 x 3 hour sessions over two weeks. Part-time students 8 x 3 hour sessions over two weekends.
Individual Reflective Paper 20%
Group Work 1 30%
Individual Essay 20%
Group Work 2 20%
Individual Peer Reflection 10%
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Course overview

The first part of this module is a management skills practicum focusing on managing organizational behavior. Students identify areas of strength and weakness in different areas. Lectures give students a firm foundation in Organisational Behaviour theory and cover practical steps that can be taken to build each person’s skill set.

The second part of this module focuses on understanding key leadership theories and building the leadership skills of students, particularly in relation to working in a complex, uncertain, and diverse global environment. 

Learning outcomes

After completing this module, students should have the following enhanced abilities in relation to managerial skills:

·         The ability to work effectively with colleagues

·         The ability to undertake their tasks in a highly professional and ethical manner

·         The ability to manage themselves and others

·         The capacity to think critically about emerging issues affecting both the private and public sectors

·         The ability to communicate effectively with others

·         The ability to build and manage teams.

After completing this module, students should have the following enhanced abilities in relation to global leadership skills:

·         An understanding of the basic theories of leadership, especially from a contingency perspective

·         The ability to operate in leadership roles in a global context

Much emphasis is put on helping students understanding and developing their core values.

Topics covered

Course 1: Managing Organisational Behaviour

·         Developing Self-Awareness

·         Managing Stress and Well-Being

·         Building Relationships by Communicating Supportively

·         Gaining Power and Influence

·         Motivating Others

·         Managing Conflict

·         Empowering and Engaging Others

·         Buiding Effective Teams and Teamwork

·         Leading Positive Change

Course 2: Global Leadership

·         Nature of management

·         Nature of leadership

·         Traits of Leadership

·         Values of Leadership

·         Sources of Leadership

·         Leadership Practices/Cases

·         Speaker(s) on Leadership practice

·         Team Leadership reports/presentation

Assessment summary

Individual Reflective paper 20%

Group Work 1 30%

Individual Essay 20%

Group Work 2 20%

Individual Peer Reflection 10%

Current students should refer to Moodle for specific details of the current year’s assessment.

Essential reading

Course 1: Managing Organisational Behaviour

·         David A. Whetten & Kim S. Cameron, Developing Management Skills (Ninth edition) (Harlow, Essex, England: Pearson, 2016) [ISBN 13: 978-1-292-09748-0]

Course 2: Global Leadership

·         Leadership, eighth edition, by Hughes, Ginnett, Gurphy, McGraw Hill Intl ed.

·         The Leadership Challenge,  latest edition, by Kouzes and Posner

·        The Quantum Leader, by Danah Zohar 

Past versions of this module

MSIN0119 18/19

MSINGC05 17/18

Last updated Wednesday, 26 June 2019