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MSIN0098: Technology Entrepreneurship

Taught by
George Wright
Masters, level 7
MSc Entrepreneurship students only
Delivery method
10 x 3-hour lectures
100% field research report
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Course overview

Technology-driven entrepreneurship is rapidly become the de-facto standard for almost every early-stage business within the UK and Europe. If you want to create a startup that can be acquired for enormous sums of money, you need to embed that business with product & technology. However, in order to successfully integrate technology into any entrepreneurial endeavour requires awareness of how technology trends are repositioning themselves and a fundamental understanding of the communication styles required to engage in meaningful business conversations. As an entrepreneur, you may have a new idea for a technology product or service but struggle to understand the nuances of turning that idea into a reality. As such, your understanding of technology is critical in order to refine, iterate, and then productionise your idea for the benefit of your business. By doing so, you can create the next ‘Unicorn’ and maybe become the next Elon Musk!

You discover the latest trends in innovation and how to identify potential turning points in technology. You theorise how those technologies and innovations can be combined to solve new world-problems or commercialise previously impossible products into being. You design and iterate upon the latest coding and Internet of Things methods in order to construct what was once, not so long ago, an impossible-to-imagine business proposition. You build your technology team and harness the latest in Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning in order to allow your product or service to evolve on its own. You attempt to build your minimum viable product, constantly rethinking its design and implementation, all while managing your remote developer team abroad. And eventually, you create a technology product or service that truly is remarkable for your end user that one of the ‘big boys’ in technology decides to buy your innovation in order to further their enormous impact on mankind.

Through interactive sessions and engaging lectures, this course equips you with the tools, base-knowledge and frameworks to help you turn your technology ideas into a reality, all while embracing the very latest entrepreneurial techniques and methodologies. You will understand how to build your technical team, construct an MVP that bridges the physical and online worlds, and then iterate that MVP toward a product ready to be pitched to technology investors. You will understand the basics of Machine Learning, Algorithm Design, Coding Frameworks, and many other critical technologies in order for you to develop upon the very latest technology thinking. But more importantly, you will actively be coached by the most experienced entrepreneurs within London in order to help turn your ideas into real business opportunity.

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of the module, a student will be able to:

  • Engage in meaningful technical conversations in the subjects of Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, Internet of Things, and Algorithm Design
  • Design and test simple algorithms
  • Create basic programs using pseudo-code
  • Communicate the designs and needs with highly technical individuals
  • Build a simple prototype combining IoT, Databases, and Web Apps
  • Be able to pitch technology businesses to investors

Topics covered

  • High level overviews of Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, Graphs Databases and Artificial Intelligence
  • Algorithm Design
  • Pseudo Coding
  • Technology Pitching
  • Database Design & Frameworks
  • Raspberry Pi & Internet of Things
  • Marketing & Sales funnels for Technology Startups
  • Horizon Technology
  • Media & PR

Assessment summary

This module is assessed through a field research report.

Past versions of this module

MSING057 17/18

MSING057 16/17

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